Bainbridge offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a dynamic, collegial environment surrounded by talented teammates, where you are able to challenge yourself to develop new skills and hone your career talents. Bainbridge is growing under a guided corporate strategy and management leadership, developing a growing team and approach. Realizing the value of each employee, Bainbridge continues to build its culture of meritocracy and professional development, offering extensive and customized opportunities for professional career growth.

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Internal Excellence Initiative
Bainbridge’s established Internal Excellence Initiative (IEI) serves to support employees and clients. With components including ongoing employee training, employee satisfaction surveys, client satisfaction surveys, and bi-weekly roundtable discussions, Bainbridge has been able to achieve a high level of employee and client satisfaction.
Corporate Culture

Bainbridge strives to be both an employer and service provider of choice.

  • Bainbridge employees are characterized by their diverse backgrounds, sense of teamwork and camaraderie, pursuit of knowledge development, and desire for new challenges.
  • Bainbridge invests in its staff and seeks to help everyone realize their full potential. Our professionals receive rigorous training that coincides with personal career goals and benefits that encourage overall wellness.
  • Bainbridge prides itself on its high frequency of repeat client work. With satisfied repeat clients, Bainbridge’s effort to produce quality service is obviously recognized. Stemming from the dedicated practices of our management and employees, Bainbridge permeates a culture of excellence and commitment to each of its employees and clients, illustrating why employees truly want to work for Bainbridge.
  • In addition to the daily teamwork involved at Bainbridge, the firm also participates in local community service efforts and social gatherings.
  • Bainbridge employees speak, read, and write a variety of languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, and French.
  • Unlike other companies which focus on one product or industry, the Bainbridge team has diverse industry experience, making us qualified to represent nearly every major industry.
  • Our team members have academic experience in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, International Relations, Political Science, Communications, Advertising, Sociology, Materials Engineering, and Computer Science, to name a few undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Professional backgrounds include entrepreneurs, non-profit organization consultants, financial analysts, sales associates, graphic designers, journalists, and engineers.

When asked, Bainbridge employees repeatedly state teamwork as one of the reasons they most enjoy working at Bainbridge.

  • Bainbridge requires a great deal of collaboration, coupled with individual initiative to succeed and satisfy our clients. Daily interaction with clients and management is both necessary and welcome.
  • The power and encouragement to make high-impact decisions validates each employees valued role at Bainbridge and instills a sense of pride and ownership in the company.
  • A single project usually requires the work of four or more Analysts who frequently use each other as sounding boards to create the most astute conclusions and recommendations for a client and its industry.
  • The coordination between management and employees is also extraordinary at Bainbridge. We promote an office where questions are encouraged and answers are readily available.
Knowledge Development and Training

Knowledge development is key to Bainbridge’s employee satisfaction rating.

  • Bainbridge completes work for a variety of industries, enabling its employees to research and learn the business of a continually evolving list of companies.
  • Few jobs enable its employees the freedom to become specialists in dozens of different markets rather than just one.
  • The Professional Development Plan is another knowledge development and coaching device created and implemented by Bainbridge management to foster a sense of personal and professional growth in each employee.
  • The Professional Development Plan is a progressive management tool, leading to our high level of employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Our Managers work with each of employee to complete a Professional Development Plan outlining his/her professional goals with respect to the company and overall future plans.
  • Bainbridge employees frequently reevaluate their Professional Development Plans to ensure that goal timelines are met and overall employment satisfaction criteria are exceeded.
Mentoring Program
For new employees, the key element of learning about the job and company when they first start is Bainbridge’s mentor program.

  • Each new employee is assigned a mentor that has been with the company for over one year. The New employees will share an office with their mentor to ensure consistent, hands-on learning and guidance. The mentoring period usually lasts three to six months.
  • During this mentoring period, the two work together through a “checklist” of training initiatives including discussing certain reading materials that the mentee is going through and discussing the mentee’s progress toward performance expectations. While the program is formalized, the one-on-one interaction makes the process more informal and can be tailored to the individual’s needs.
  • The mentoring program helps to ensure consistent training and instills confidence in new employees. The relationships that are built help to foster our team-oriented environment and ensure success on each client engagement.

“My mind is never idle here at Bainbridge. There’s immense diversity, and I love it. Every day, I have the opportunity of using my expertise within different industries and business situations, ranging from market entry to competitive market landscapes to competitive strategy. Bainbridge’s hands-on approach has given us all the chance to form close relationships with our clients. This makes success all the more rewarding. It’s not simply academic. It’s human, and you’re able to watch the fruits of your labor make visible and positive changes for your clients and their respective organizations.”
Senior Business Analyst, Bainbridge Consulting
“Bainbridge provides an environment that allows me to engage with some of the brightest and most diverse group of people I’ve ever met. The varied cultural, professional, and personal backgrounds of our team and clients ensures that I learn something new every day.”
Business Development Manager
“Bainbridge is providing a whole new set of learning and opportunities that have opened up new doors here. The new management and their changes are very well received.”
“Bainbridge’s emphasis on knowledge development is a critical piece of each employee’s satisfaction. Through their development, employees discover new trends, analysis, and findings to both drive client strategy as well as grow their own functional and industry expertise.”
Project Manager