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CapitalSphere, a Bainbridge Capital partner organization, is a technology-enabled, deal generation engine developed by the proven team of M&A professionals from Bainbridge Capital. Recognizing the need to bridge the growing gap between investors and companies, CapitalSphere provides market participants with a secure, private exchange for M&A opportunities and various financial transactions.

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Expand Your Search For Proprietary Deal Flow

Combining technology, people, and a proprietary process CapitalSphere helps qualified investors and companies across the globe connect with each other discreetly and efficiently.

Accelerate Information Flow

CapitalSphere gives you the insight you need to engage in the best conversations with sellers and make informed investment decisions.

Gain Proprietary Relationships

The CapitalSphere team has significant experience building relationships with qualifies owners to gain fresh knowledge and create opportunities. As a member you have direct access to sellers through facilitated introductions.


Contact us today to learn how CapitalSphere can help optimize your deal flow pipeline.

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